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I told my husband I wanted to check out the Oscars. He told me he taped “your other man’s” interview with Ryan Seacrest. It’s nice that he not only accepts, but encourages my love of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Glorious day

Last day of work at my dreaded job. So happy to be finally on my way out. Created a little playlist to get me till the end of the day- or until I am finally finished with all the tasks I was given. 

LDOW playlist: 

1. F*ck You- Lilly Allen (that one might be on repeat) 

2. Happy- Pharrell Williams 

3. Never Going Back Again- Fleetwood Mac 

4. Burn- Ellie Goulding 

5. Overjoyed (Distance Remix)- Bastille ( LOVE HIM! Constant replay cause the album is so awesome and I can’t wait for radio to play some other tracks) 

6. Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer 

This job has sucked my soul, and I can’t wait to be rid of everything and get my life back. 

I need a job change immediately. My evil boss is emailing me every fifteen minutes with demands that need to be done by tomorrow. I literally had a five minute panic attack. And my review is tomorrow. I would really love to quit this job, and shove it in her face.


Anonymous asked:

hey friend, what are your all time favorite johnlock fanfics??


wow that’s hard but ok:

  • performance in a leading role (the whole series)
  • alone on the water
  • walk through ghosts
  • sink like a stone
  • nothing to make a song about
  • the loss of flesh and soul
  • the ‘letters’ series
  • if i fell 
  • carry on
  • the taming of john watson
  • whole and unbroken
  • where i cannot find you
  • spider to the fly series
  • we can go on (linking this one ‘cause i think it’s only been published on my blog)
  • no good without you
  • a cure for boredom
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